Why is there no water for my kid’s bike?

My children were not able to get their bikes repaired because of the high water level in their city.

When I was asked by the city authorities about their bike, they told me that the city water supply is poor.

My children and I were shocked when I learnt that there was no water supply to the city bike repair shop because of water levels in the city.

We were shocked.

The city water and power supply was poor and it was very difficult for them to do their work.

It was difficult to do the repair work.

If I had my time again, I would have brought a little more water to the shop.

I have to pay the electricity bill for all my electricity bills as well.

I am a poor person and cannot afford to have my own bike repaired.

There is no water in the shop or anywhere else in the village.

The shop was shut on Tuesday because of high water levels.

In the city, the water level is high and we have to get water from the nearby streams.

We have no electricity or electricity connection.

We have to use our wick.

There are no toilets and no running water in this village.

Water is not available to the people in this area.

We do not have a toilet, no running-water.

My daughter and I have no choice but to use a wooden canoe to bring water to our homes.

I was so upset that I went to the police station and asked them for help.

They told me there was not enough water in their tank.

I said, ‘The water is in our tank and there is no possibility of getting it out.’

They told us that the water tank was broken.

They said that there is only water in one of the tanks in the house.

It is very hard to find water.

When I was talking to the water department, they said, We have water from other sources in the river.

We can’t get it in the water tanker at the water supply.

We had no water from outside the village, so we had to bring it from the nearest village.

We did that, and then we got water from a nearby village.

But the water we brought was contaminated.

I was very angry.

I told the water workers, ‘You have to help us.

You have to fix the tank.

If the tank is broken, we have no water.’

I have the money to pay all the water bills.

It has not been easy for us to pay for our own water bills and the water was in our house.

It was so difficult to get the water from any other source.

Water is very scarce in the country and it is very difficult to bring enough water to all our houses.

People here are not aware of how to repair their bikes, so it is hard for them.

They have no access to the internet.

We are not connected to the outside world.

Our children and we cannot even ride our bikes without having to ask for help from the water people.

No one knows how to fix their bikes.

I can’t even find a repair kit to fix my bike.

I asked the water authorities about it and they told us it was not their fault.

I don’t know if they know how to do it.

I know they do not know how.

They did not do the work to get our bikes repaired.

We cannot do anything to fix it.

We must go and ask for repairs from the city people.