Apple Watch Series 3 specs: The specs of Apple Watch series 3

The next generation of Apple’s smartwatch is expected to sport a thinner, sleeker design, a slightly thicker display, and a smaller bezel.

However, the company’s not quite ready to reveal the specs of the upcoming smartwatch just yet, and it’s still working out some of the details with its partners.

In addition to the Series 3, Apple also said that it will launch a “series 4” smartwatch sometime later this year.

This new version of the watch will be a “portable, wireless smartwatch” with a larger display and a more powerful processor.

It’ll also feature a new “next generation” wireless charging feature.

We’re expecting to hear more about the new Series 3 in the coming months, as the company has been working to get all of its watch partners onboard with its upcoming smartwatches.

The Apple Watch lineup will be unveiled at its September 14 event in Cupertino, California.