When is the best time to buy a house?

The best time for buying a house in Australia may be before you retire, experts say.

In a bid to keep up with the market, the latest Australian Financial Report on home buying shows that the average price of a detached house in 2016 was $1.45 million.

“This is very well above the average cost of the detached house of $1 million in 2017,” says the report.

“This reflects the higher price of new homes in 2016, which may be offset by lower prices for existing homes.

It also was the fourth-highest year on record, up from $2 million in 2016.””

For new homes, the average sale price of $2.4 million was the highest in the last three years.

It also was the fourth-highest year on record, up from $2 million in 2016.”

The average price for a detached home in Australia in 2016: The number of houses in NSW and Victoria In 2016, NSW and Victorian house prices were among the highest on record in the country.

The average price per square metre was $2,066 in NSW, $2 of which was for a house of five bedrooms and three bathrooms, and the average for a five-bedroom house was $3,065.

The average home price in NSW was $6,907, which was about $1,000 above the 2015 average.

Victoria’s average price was $5,851, which is more than $900 below the 2015 record.

In Queensland, the median price for detached houses in 2016 in the state was $4,834, about $500 below the national average.

In Tasmania, the price per unit was $7,857 in 2016 and the median was $10,400.

In South Australia, the cheapest detached house was a $3.9 million house in Perth’s west.

The report says that many buyers who have bought their first home in the past five years will be able to buy another property in their next 10 years if they stay in the market longer.

This may include the prospect of being able to get a bigger mortgage, or get a second mortgage if they want to stay longer.

“For the most part, people are now starting to come out of the market a bit earlier, and that will be a good thing for property buyers,” Mr Kaldas said.

A number of Australian cities have been in a housing affordability crisis for a while.

Many states are struggling to keep their housing stock affordable.

While some are trying to increase the supply of housing, many others are struggling with a shortage of housing and are offering incentives to lure people out of town.