How to buy the iPhone X without the new battery cover

The iPhone X comes with a special battery cover, and its name is a nod to the iPhone’s original battery, which was first revealed in 2017.

The new battery, made by LG, is slightly thinner and slightly heavier than the iPhone 8, but the battery cover is just as thin and light.

The cover comes in two different sizes, one that is 10mm wide and one that’s 10mm thick.

LG claims it has the ability to cover an iPhone 8 without a battery cover at all, so if you have a smaller battery and need to take a peek, you can.

We also get to see the special “Luxury Edition” version of the iPhone, which has the same display, camera, and sensors as the regular iPhone.

The phone features the same hardware as the original, but now it’s an iPhone with an extra display and more powerful processors.

If you’re wondering, the Luxury Edition is a $399 phone, while the regular version is $399.

The $399 iPhone X has a new fingerprint scanner that works with Apple Pay.

It’s also faster, more battery-efficient, and it has a bigger screen than the regular phone.

The iPhone 8 also has a special fingerprint scanner, and you can get one for the $199 iPhone X if you want to use the fingerprint scanner on a regular phone instead of on a special cover.

The cover comes with two bands, a USB-C port, a microUSB port, and a headphone jack.

LG also included an additional SIM card slot.

The device is available in four colors: gold, rose gold, gold, and rose gold.

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