Yeti: A yeti-inspired house, an ice-cream sundae, and more

The most recent ice-skating spectacle in Portland, Oregon, brought an avalanche of media attention.

But when the Yeti family arrived in Portland in 2014, it was not the most comfortable or welcoming place to live.

The family had been living in Portland since 1975.

It is now in a two-bedroom house that is owned by the Butters family.

The Butters’ son, Ben, said the house was made with a combination of old and new, but it was the combination of the older house and the newer home that made it more like the old house.

It was an old-school look, with an old brick facade, a red, white and blue tile roof, and a vintage-style porch, the way you’d find in a 1930s-era home in New York City.

Ben said the family did not make the decision to move out until they had enough money to pay the mortgage.

The Yeti House, with a new coat of paint, has a modern look and a modern vibe.

Ben and his wife, Jennifer, who owns the house, said it was a big change for them and their family.

They were living in a big house when they moved to Portland, and it was so much more convenient to be at home, he said.

The Butters said they felt at home in the Yetis’ house.

They said they have a nice space, have their own space to relax and eat, and have a great view of the lake.

They have a big yard, and they have the kitchen and bathroom.

We were really happy to be here.

Jennifer Butters, owner of the Yetits, said they were thrilled to be able to share a house with a neighbor who also had a house.

The house is owned and operated by a family in Portland.

The family owns the property, but they also own a condominium, which is in the same building.

Jennifer said they wanted to be close to nature and to have a lot of space to do the things that they loved doing.

Jennifer Butters says she and her family feel at home.

The house is a wonderful place to be.

The backyard is the perfect place to put out some fresh, fresh yardage, she said.

Ben Butters also is thrilled to have the house.

He said he is very happy to have an opportunity to spend time with his family.

He said he feels very comfortable, and the house is just a wonderful thing to be in.

Jennifer is grateful to have this space, and she said the people of Portland are amazing and very supportive.

Jennifer says the Butts’ home is not the only one to have yeti decorations.

The Portland area has many similar homes that have a combination or even a new look to them.