New Toyota Tundra 4.5-Inch Console Comes to US & Canada as Toyotas’ “American Girl” Car Accessories

Toyota announced on Tuesday that the new Toyota Tunguska 4.25-inch console, which can be used to play video games on the Toyota Tinten and its variants, will be available to American customers in the United States.

The 4.2-inch Tungiska is the third console in the “American Girls” line, following the Tunguas and Tintens, and is a great addition to the toy line.

Toyota says the 4.3-inch and 4.4-inch are available in the U.S. and Canada.

The console comes with the standard set of accessories including a pair of speakers, a DVD burner, a gamepad, a wireless game controller, a remote, a rechargeable battery, and a recharge cable.

The Toyota T-4.5 is available in red, blue, green, and black and features an attractive black and gold color scheme.

The new console comes as a new console, and it will be sold in three versions: a basic, an advanced, and an exclusive edition.

The base model comes with an LCD screen, a stereo speakers, and Bluetooth.

The advanced model comes standard with Bluetooth and HDMI ports, a USB port, and the built-in 4G modem.

The exclusive edition is available only in the white, gold, and exclusive color versions, but the base model will come with an OLED screen, HDMI, and USB ports.

The console will be offered in a range of color options, with the base version being available in black, blue and green, while the advanced version will be coming in silver and black.

The black version will retail for $99.99.

Toyota says the “America Girl” console is designed to meet the needs of girls who want to have a more personal connection with their toys.

The Tungas and the Tintons come with built-into USB charging ports, while they also include Bluetooth and Bluetooth connectivity.