Honda has new hybrid to get to 100 mph in under 5 seconds

By TOM MACNICK, Associated Press PELOTON, Ohio (AP) For years, Ford Motor Co. has been building cars that are as safe as a Honda Civic.

Now the company is moving on to electric cars, which are safer than any other car.

Ford, the largest U.S. automaker, is using its advanced electric-powered Fusion Hybrid in the new Fusion Hybrid EV, which will go on sale in 2018.

The company has spent about $6 billion on electric cars over the past two decades, but it has been slow to expand.

The carmaker recently rolled out a hybrid SUV called the Fusion Hybrid, and a new hybrid sedan called Fusion Hybrid Electric.

Ford also plans to use electric vehicles in some future vehicles, but only when it gets its electric-vehicle fleet up to 100 miles on a charge.

That would mean plugging in the car before it’s ready for a race, like at a racetrack.

Ford CEO Mark Fields said the company will use a new engine called Fusion Turbo for Fusion Hybrid.

It will have a gasoline engine and a turbocharged gasoline engine.

It is the first electric-electric hybrid vehicle that Ford has developed and tested.

Fusion Hybrid EV will have five electric motors, the company said.

Ford plans to offer three different charging stations for Fusion.

The Fusion Hybrid will have the ability to charge in about five minutes with the charger and two minutes on its own.

Ford says the Fusion Turbo will be able to charge from an existing battery in a day or so.

The Fusion Hybrid is a two-door sports car.

It weighs about 4,500 pounds and will go 200 miles on battery.

The company says it will be “very fuel efficient.”

Fusion Turbo has a gasoline, turbocharged, electric motor.

It has a range of about 240 miles.

The engine also has variable valve timing.

Fusion Hybrid has a 0-60 mph time of 3.9 seconds and a top speed of 160 mph.

The range depends on the driver.

Fuso Hybrid will be a plug-in hybrid car.

Fusion Turbo has the electric motor and the gasoline engine, and Fusion Hybrid EVs will have both gasoline and electric motors.

Fusion will offer hybrid electric versions of its Fusion Hybrid cars.

The plug-ins will go up to 110 miles on their own.

The price will be about $10,000.

The price for the Fusion Electric will be around $18,000 for a plug in hybrid, said Peter Rees, vice president of vehicle technology and products for Ford.

Ford’s first electric cars will come out around the time of the New York City Marathon, the Indianapolis 500 and other major events.

It’s not clear how many vehicles will be produced.

Ford is still figuring out how to use the electric-car technology in the cars, and there are still questions about how reliable the technology is.

But it is the latest automaker to invest in an electric-auto technology, which could be the key to keeping pace with rivals.

Ford has invested in electric-drive technologies like Tesla Inc.’s batteries and the Chevrolet Volt, which it acquired in 2011.

It also has an electric bus company, Transit Technologies Corp., and a commuter train company, the Allegheny Line Corp.