Which PC Gaming Accessories will you be buying in 2018?

This year, the market for gaming accessories is likely to be the largest one in history.

The PC Gaming accessories market is worth more than $5.2 trillion and is expected to reach $6.5 trillion in 2018, according to Gartner, the industry’s research firm.

This year alone, more than 40,000 accessories are expected to hit the market.

But the market is not just about gaming.

It’s about digital entertainment, video games, and the internet of things.

In fact, the accessories market could grow even larger in the next two years.

And the market will grow even more once we get to the next wave of new consoles and peripherals, according, Gartener.

Here’s a look at the best gaming accessories out there.1.

Gaming Headset Accessories – Gartners top list of best gaming headset accessories for 20181.

Razer Hydra-G1 gaming headset – The Razer Hydra G1 sports a 360-degree field of view.

It comes with a built-in microphone for voice communications and an external microphone for gaming.

The Hydra G2 comes with an optional 3D microphone that will be used for voice communication in the game.

It also comes with its own microphone.

The Razer HydraG1 features a 360 degrees field of focus and a 2.5mm audio jack.

The headband has a matte finish, which helps to give it a comfortable fit.

The microphone has a built in microphone for a voice communications system.

It features a microphone built into the side of the headset, which allows you to whisper in your headphones.

The audio jack is on the front of the Razer Hydra.

The Razer G2 has a 2-button remote that can also be used as a game controller.

The G2 is $129.99 at Amazon.com.2.

Razer Mamba – Razer Mampah – The Mamba has a large screen that can display up to 1080p content.

It has an included 3D stereo headset that can be used to listen to your favorite games, according.

The Mampa comes with microphone and headphones.

It costs $99.99 from Amazon.co.uk.3.

Razer Chroma – Razer Chromas – Razer has a new Chroma headset that will cost you $149.99, according and a 3D mic that will work with the Chroma and the Mamba, according Gart.

It works with games like Gears of War 4, Gears of Wars: Ultimate Edition, and Gears of Heroes.

The Chroma also has an optional headphone port for listening to games, although the port is only for gaming, according To Go Gaming.

It is available now from Amazon and on Amazon.ca.4.

Razer Nighthawk – Razer N-Series Gaming Headphones – Razer’s newest gaming headphones have a sleek black finish that gives them a comfortable look and feel.

The headphones come with an included microphone and an integrated headset that has a microphone port that is for gaming and an optional 2.1mm headphone jack that can plug into your computer.

They cost $199.99 on Amazon and $129 on Amazon Canada.5.

Razer Goliath Gaming Headphone – The Goliath has a smaller screen that will also support the Razer Chromatics.

It includes a microphone and a headphone port that can work with games.

It will be available on Amazon, Amazon Canada, and on Razer’s website.6.

Razer Venom – Razer Venom gaming headphones – The Venom headphones are made with a metal frame that has an anti-ghosting coating and a high-quality plastic back that can hold up to 8 hours of playback.

They also have a built right ear that will let you listen to music with a good background noise.

They come with a microphone, an integrated microphone, and a microphone jack on the side.

They are priced at $149 and $199 from Amazon, with more on Amazon’s website and online at Razer’s site.7.

Razer Tango 3 – Razer Tanger 3 – The Tango headphones have been designed to have a great balance of audio quality and comfort, with a solid feel and a soft ear that fits the head, according Razer.

They have a comfortable, yet loud sound with a great audio experience.

They go on sale for $179.99 online and $249.99 for the retail edition.8.

Razer Razer Pro 4 Gaming Headband – The Pro 4 gaming headphones are designed to deliver an immersive gaming experience with a large, spacious, and comfortable earpiece, according The Razer Pro website.

The Pro also has a 3.5 mm headphone jack on top of the headphone port.

The Tanger 4 has a USB-C port on the bottom and the Razer Pro 3 has a headphone jack in the top.

The earpieces come with mic and headphone ports on the top and bottom.

They can also work with most games.

They run on Amazon for $199 and $299.99.9.

Razer Sabertooth 3 Gaming Head Earpiece – The Sab