Which Jeep accessory you should get for your 2018 Jeep Compass?

If you’ve got a Jeep Compass that’s been outfitted with a bunch of useful gear, it’s time to take a closer look at the accessories it’s getting.

There are lots of options out there to add functionality to your Jeep, but what accessories are actually useful?

Here’s what we found to be useful on the Jeep Compass.

First, the Compass has a lot of options for accessories.

There’s the standard headlight cover and a pair of side mirrors.

On the outside, the rear bumper is replaced with an integrated rearview camera.

It comes in a variety of sizes and colors, including black and chrome, which are both a little pricey.

The LED headlights also come in a few different colors, so if you want a Jeep that’s a little brighter, you can try one of those.

The Compass also has a pair to two different LED lights that can be placed on the windshield and tail lights.

On the inside, you’ll find a battery, a compass, and a stereo.

These are nice and easy to use, but the compass itself can be a little difficult to use because it’s not as simple as just flipping it over.

The Compass also comes with an LCD touchscreen, but you’ll need to adjust the brightness of the screen and the touchscreen before you can use it.

There aren’t many options to set the brightness level, so you’ll have to use your own eyes.

If you need to change the brightness setting on the touchscreen, it will show up on the display.

The back of the Compass comes with a pair or two of rearview cameras.

If this is your first Jeep Compass, you might want to look for one that’s the same color as the interior color of your Jeep.

If it’s a blue Jeep Compass with black trim, the cameras are silver, which you can also customize with your choice of paint job.

The Jeep Compass comes in four different colors and comes with different wheels.

They’re available in a standard, medium, and hardtop model.

The standard model comes in gray, silver, and black.

If your Jeep has a black interior, you won’t need to purchase the black wheel option.

The medium and hardtops are also available in gray and silver, respectively.

The standard and hardplates come with a variety for your tires.

The hardplates are available in both the soft and hardshell versions, and they also come with two different tires.

You can also purchase different colors for your front and rear tires if you need them.

If you want to go the full Jeep accessory route, you could look for a pair on the top of the Jeep.

They’ll come with LED lights, a tail light, a GPS unit, and other goodies.

The light comes in three colors, black, silver and chrome.

The GPS unit is also available for $1,000 and comes in black and silver as well.

The navigation system on the Compass is pretty impressive.

It has all the usual things you’d expect on a navigation system, including a compass and a map.

The compass is also a bit smaller and lighter than a standard navigation unit.

However, it comes with four sensors that you can adjust, which gives you a bit more flexibility when it comes to using the Compass.

You could also add a smartphone app or something similar if you’re looking for an app for navigation.

The interior of the Jeeps Compass is also pretty good.

You’ll find the standard and medium versions, along with a hardtop and a hardshell model.

If the Compass was a black Jeep, the hardtop is available in black, black and white, and the hardshell comes in red and black as well as a silver model.

There are plenty of options to add to the Jeep’s interior, and if you buy the soft or hardshell, you should be able to customize it for your needs.

The exterior of the vehicle is pretty well done, but if you like the look of a classic-style vehicle, you may want to stick with the hardtops.

The doors are openable, so there’s no need to remove the door handles.

You should also check out the interior to see if you’d like to upgrade to a hardcase.

The Navigation System on the Navigation System is really impressive.

You won’t find a navigation unit on a traditional vehicle, but Jeep has made sure that it’s really good with the Compass, so it should work well on the JK.

If, on the other hand, you like a more modern look, you will want to choose a hard shell.

The rearview and compass sensors are also pretty nice.

They offer a lot more sensors than on the standard navigation system and are easier to use.

The rearview sensors are larger and more accurate, while the compass has better contrast between the light and dark.

The steering wheel is very nice.

The front wheel is fairly long and wide, while on the back there’s a wheelbase of around 7