What’s the new Barbie?”

“It’s a little bit different than the previous generation,” says Michael Ciepci, the CEO of the company that makes Barbie dolls.

“It looks more like the previous generations, with the little sparkle, the little doll-like things, the hair.

But it’s a whole lot more feminine.”

The new line has been under the microscope for a year.

It debuted last September, and sales have been slow.

“There are a lot of factors,” Ciepec says.

“If you look at the past, they’re very predictable, and they’re just sort of the same, and people know them.

And the new ones, we just don’t know yet.”

So the company is working on the next generation.

It has two new dolls, the latest addition to the line, and an updated version of the popular line of dolls.

The newest doll, the Snowball, comes with a removable head and face, while the classic Snowball has a removable torso and a more traditional doll face.

It is priced at $5.99 a pop, or about $8.99 for the older Snowball.

The Snowball comes with the same accessories as the previous version, like a bow and arrow, but it also comes with three more dolls.

Ciepences says the new version will be available in spring 2018.

“We have to be realistic about this, because there is a lot going on in the world of technology,” he says.

The new dolls are more feminine, with a slightly shorter neck, and smaller hips.

The smaller hips will be a challenge for older girls who can’t reach as far as the older models.

“I think that’s one of the most important things to me, that it is a doll that you’re not ashamed of,” Ciespec said.

“So it’s very comfortable for girls to play with, and the little girls, especially, who are older, they love that.

And they’re so protective of the little guys.”

The company has been looking to expand the line.

It plans to add more dolls in the future.

“We’re working on it every single day,” Cio said.

The new Snowball model also has a new hair color.

Ciopci says the company has gotten feedback that the older dolls look more masculine.

“And that’s because they have a little more feminine feel, and you can feel it in your skin,” he said.

The company is also trying to add a new doll that looks like the original Snowball to the mix.

The updated Snowball also has some new features.

The doll can talk, so it can answer questions.

It can stand on its head and is no longer attached to a stand.

And it has a special power: When it runs up to the new Snowballs, it emits a pink light that lights up the entire room.

It also has the ability to talk to other dolls.

For Ciepnces, the newest Snowball is a welcome addition.

“When you’re looking for something, and there’s something that you want to buy, and it doesn’t have the old model, and this new model is the next one, you’re going to want to take it,” he explained.

But, Ciepes says, the new doll may not be for everyone.

“Because it’s different than what people were used to seeing, because it’s not the same kind of style,” he continued.

“But it’s definitely a very sexy and very cute doll, and I think you’re definitely going to enjoy the different ways you can wear it.”

If you want a more detailed look at some of the new accessories in the line like the bow and arrows, there’s a new set of bows available, available now for $20.99.

Here’s a look at all the new dolls in this new line.

The dolls are currently available for $5 a pop.