What’s new in magsafe in 2018?

A year ago, magsafe was in dire need of some major revamping.

While the company is now on a strong footing, it’s still far from the perfect device.

Here’s a look at what’s changed since then.1.

MAGSAFE’S RETAIL PRICE is still $29.95A year ago it was possible to buy magsafe with a credit card.

That price tag made it easier for people to spend money on their own firearms, but now that it’s been slashed to $29, the company has decided to stop selling it to the public.

That’s a big shift from last year when magsafe’s retail price was $29 a pop.

The $29 mark was a great starting point, but the company says it’s decided to lower it in 2018, to $25.

That means that people will have to fork over a bit more money to buy their mags.

It’s the biggest price drop for the device in nearly a decade.2.

MAG SAFE IS BACK with a NEW REWARDS PROGRAMMER for people who want to get mags from MagSafe but don’t want to pay the full $29 price.

You can now also get a magsafe for $25, but only after you have already purchased a MagSafe starter kit.

The MagSafe Starter Kit is designed to help new MagSafe customers get their hands on their first firearm.

The starter kit includes a mag, a case, two magazines, a sling, and a training DVD.

You’ll also get your choice of a variety of other goodies like a Magsafe gun case, a Magsafet pistol grip, a mag case case, and more.

The MagSafe kit is available to all MagSafe purchasers.

There’s no minimum purchase requirement for this kit, so you can buy one at your own pace.

You will be charged $19.99 per kit after you make your purchase.3.

MagSafe’s New CEO is back to deliver another milestone for the companyMagSafe CEO Paul T. Jaffe will step down from his current position next year.

He will be replaced by MagSafe COO and MagSafe co-founder Paul E. D’Agostino, who will be stepping in to take over the company.

In his role, D’agostino will oversee the launch and development of MagSafe accessories.

The company is also looking to increase its global reach and is launching a new Magsafe magazine for the Americas and Europe.

Magsafe’s existing Magsafe magazines will continue to be sold in these markets.4.

MagSafety’s MagSafe Safety Training DVD is available for free downloadThe Magsafe Safety Training Video will be available for $5 from the MagSafe website in 2018.

The video includes detailed information on MagSafe safety training, including information on how to set up your MagSafe and what your first shots are going to look like.5.

Magsafety’s new MagsSafe Magazine for $10 is available nowThe Magsafe Magsafe Magsafe is now available for purchase for $20.

The company says that customers who already have a MagsSafety Starter Kit will get a free Magsafe for their first purchase.

This free MagSafe is a great way to get your hands on the first gun that MagSafe has in store.6.

Magsafe’s new magazine will be in the stores for free soonThe Mags Safes MagSafe magazine for $30 is available in MagSafe stores in the US and Canada.

It comes with a free GunSafe case, the Magsafe Pistol Grip, and some other goodies.

Mag Safes are now available in the UK, Italy, and France.7.

Magsafes new MagS Safe Pistol Grip is now in stores for $13.95The MagS Safes new Pistol Grip comes in a steel frame with a rubberized exterior, and comes with an M16-style sling attachment.

It also comes with MagSafe pistol grips.

The Pistol Grip will be coming to US and Canadian Magssafe stores in late August.8.

Mag Safety is adding a new product line to its rangeThe company has announced a new line of Magsafe accessories for the 2018 holiday season.

Mag Safe accessories will include a new, custom-designed pistol grip called the MagSSafe Grip, which will come in a black polymer frame and come with Magsafe pistol grips, MagSafe case holders, and Magsafe holster clips.

The Grip comes with one year of Mag Safe warranty.

MagSafe has announced that it will be offering MagSafe pistols, and will also be adding a Mag Safe pistol grip.9.

MagSsafe’s new pistol grip is now being offered in the USA and CanadaThe Mag S Safes pistol grip for $16 is available at MagSafe in the United States and Canada in a metal frame with Mag Safs trademark logo and MagS Safety logo.

Mag S Safety will be introducing the new pistol grips to stores in August.

Mag Safes Pistol Grip has been available