How to use your smartphone to play music and watch videos in VR

You can use your phone to play games in VR, but it can also do some pretty awesome things.

Here are five ways you can take your smartphone into the world of augmented reality.

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And while you might think you have to be careful with what you do with your smartphone in VR due to the fact that it’s tethered to your body, you can use it in a way that’s more natural.

With a little help from some pretty impressive technology, you could even use your iPhone to do some real-world tasks in VR.

This video by Chris Oleson and Nick Fazio, who also recently wrote about VR headsets, shows how they’ve managed to play a video game in VR for nearly 10 minutes without having to touch the phone or anything.

It’s just a video, but the trick is to let your phone sit in the middle of your VR headset, and to use a different method to get the VR experience.

The best part?

It doesn’t require you to actually touch the screen.

They used a special setup that allows you to control the screen with your phone.

The trick is using your phone’s sensors to make the headset look more like a gamepad, and that allows the phone to track where your hands are when you’re looking at it.

It’s also a little tricky to get all the apps on your phone working.

There are plenty of apps that can work in VR but are only available in VR mode.

For example, Google Cardboard doesn’t have an app for VR, and the Oculus Touch is only available as a standalone VR headset.

And if you’re using the Samsung Gear VR, you’re stuck using a separate app to control your phone in VR as well.

For most of these apps, you have a lot of options.

You can try the Oculus Rift, which uses a custom headset called the Gear VR.

You could try the Samsung Galaxy Gear VR or Samsung Gear 360.

Or you could try Gear VR Plus, which adds an Oculus Rift to the Gear 360 and Gear 360 Plus, both of which have different hardware.

There are also a lot more apps that are available for the Oculus headset, but they’re usually not very good.

Google Cardcaptor is a free app that allows people to capture screenshots and videos from their smartphone in front of their computer.

It works with all sorts of headsets and uses a lot less space than Google CardCaptor.

You might want to try a free, third-party version of Cardcaption to see if it’s for you.

Some of these other apps work with the GearVR and the Gear, but those headsets have different APIs and aren’t as compatible.

You’re better off looking for the official Oculus app, which is free to try out and has more functionality.

And there are a lot fewer VR headsets on the market.

Google and Samsung both released headsets last year, but there are more headsets available now.

The HTC Vive, for example, has been available since November 2017, and Sony has launched the PlayStation VR.

You’ll probably want to use the Gear if you have any of the above headsets, but if you don’t, you might as well use the HTC Vive as it has a few more games.

Here’s how to find out which headset is best for you:This list of the top VR headsets includes the HTC One, the Oculus One, and Samsung’s Gear VR (which is coming later this year).

But the HTC Gear VR is the best VR headset if you want to play in VR with the HTC Play TV.

This is because it has the best tracking, motion tracking, and positional tracking of all of the headsets.

It works with the Google Card capture software, but some people have reported that it does not work with Cardcaptors like HTC’s VR app, and there are also some games that won’t work if you try to use Cardcaptions with the Play TV app.

The Oculus Rift is also an option if you need to use one of the Google Cards that came with the VR headset like HTC or the Gear.

It has a different headset design, so it works with different controllers and it’s also cheaper.

The Gear VR also has a headset that’s not compatible with the Oculus, and you can also buy the Gear separately if you prefer.

The Samsung GearVR is also compatible with VR, though it does have different controllers that work better with CardCaptions.

The Samsung Gear is $180, the Gear S is $170, and it costs $200.

There’s also an Amazon version of the Gear that has the same controllers as the Gear and it also has some of the same software.

If you want the best Gear VR experience, you’ll want to buy that one.

If you’re a gamer and want to be immersed in virtual reality, the best headset is the Oculus.

It gives you the best control of your phone and VR experience possible, but you’ll also have