Chrysler to unveil ‘mustang’ electric vehicle in 2019

Chrysler has unveiled its “mustang” electric vehicle, the Ram 1500, for the 2019 model year.

The Ram 1500 will be available in two variants: the 1500 and 1500R.

Both models will come with the same battery pack and powertrain, but the 1500R will come standard with a 3,500-pound payload.

The Ram 1500R is expected to be priced between $30,000 and $40,000.

The new Ram 1500 is designed to be a more fuel efficient alternative to gasoline engines and to offer the best of both worlds: it’s available in all-electric mode, but it also offers the option of being fuel efficient in a manual mode.

The 1500R features the same 3,400-pound capacity as the Ram 2500, but with a larger 2,200-pound load.

The new Ram has a range of about 75 miles on a single charge.

The most interesting feature of the Ram is the fact that it can be upgraded to a 4,000-pound version, which means it can also be converted to a 2,500 and a 4.0-liter.

The price will go up depending on the model, but buyers will get to choose between a 4K display or the standard 4K with touchscreens.

The 1500 will arrive in 2019, and it should be on sale in 2020.