Paparazzo-like accessories for Girls

More than 3,000 accessories were sold by the paparazzofiles of the Italian fashion house Pompidou last year, but now the company is focusing on the accessories for women, a move which has raised concerns about privacy and child safety. 

The accessory factory, which specializes in making necklaces and other necklacing accessories, said it will now sell only “apparel” to its female employees.

“The new policy is a step to protect girls from sexual exploitation, to prevent the abuse of women and girls, and to create an atmosphere that promotes gender equality,” said Alessandro Balci, general director of PompIDou.

“We have to think seriously about this new development because the current rules don’t meet the needs of women.”

Balci, who also owns the Pompido Fashion Group, said the new policy would help the company “bring more girls into the fashion industry”. 

“We want to make sure that we create a culture of respect and respect for women,” he said.

“Our female employees will be the ones who make these products, not just the men.”

The new rule comes after a report by the US government last year said the number of child sex exploitation victims was rising, with children exploited by gangs of pimps, traffickers and sex traffickers.

Pompeo said it was “deeply concerned” by the policy, which has not been publicized, and said it would review it.

“We will assess the issue of privacy, the safety of children, and other things and decide on the appropriate response,” Pompadour added in a statement.

“It is important to know that our girls are not objects for us, but for their protection.”

In a statement on Friday, Pompidi said it had launched an internal inquiry into the policy.