Why Ford Ranger 2.0 is so special

In a world where cars are still a luxury, Ford has always had a strong presence in the luxury segment.

The Ranger 2 is just one of many Ford vehicles that are more than capable of competing in the market.

The Ford Ranger 1.5 was designed with an upscale and unique styling that is well-suited for the urban lifestyle and is well suited for its niche market.

The 2.5-liter Ford V8 has been modified to deliver more power and torque.

The powertrain features a turbocharger, two-valve supercharger and a turbocharging system that delivers more power through a special cylinder head and exhaust manifold.

The new 2.6-liter EcoBoost engine has been tweaked to deliver a more efficient engine.

The engine uses a turbo-charged, variable valve timing unit (VVT) with variable valve control (VVC) to deliver power and performance that is more efficient and responsive than the previous engine.

The engine also incorporates new, more advanced electronics, including the Ford Advanced Powertrain Management (APM) that will improve fuel economy, fuel efficiency and other performance attributes.

It has also been tuned to deliver greater power to the rear wheels and improved efficiency in the fuel tank.

The updated Ranger 2 sports a wider body, more powerful engine, and new body panels and an upgraded suspension system.

The interior is also updated with a new touch screen display that can be accessed from the center console.

Ford has been offering the Ranger 2 in two variants since 2016.

The standard model features the standard engine, automatic transmission, all-wheel drive and the Ranger 1 SE package, which includes navigation, a satellite radio, audio, climate control and the optional LED daytime running lights.

The base version is priced at Rs 9,990 (around $1,065) and offers the standard 4WD capability, a navigation system, the 5-inch touch screen, Bluetooth, the Bluetooth speaker, the power driver seat and heated seats.

The Ranger 2 SE package has an optional six-speed automatic transmission.

The package comes with navigation, Bluetooth and the navigation speaker and comes with heated seats, a rearview camera and a 12-volt outlet, as well as heated leather and a leather-wrapped steering wheel.

The Ford Ranger SE package comes in three options, all of which are available from December 2017.

The SE package starts at Rs 15,990 and adds the navigation system and heated leather seats, and the 6-speed transmission, as the standard package.

The top-spec version of the SE package is priced between Rs 18,990 to Rs 25,990.

The most expensive option is the $30,000 base Ranger 2 (SRT) package, featuring the 6th-gen Ford V6 engine, all four wheel drive and all-new body panels.

The price starts at around Rs 41,990 ($6,100), and it adds the optional 6-speaker audio system, climate controls and the LED daytime driving lights.

The package adds an optional navigation system that can take over from the navigation panel, and all four wheels, and has heated seats and a power driver’s seat.

The base Ranger SE comes in two options, with the SRT package starting at Rs 29,990 which adds the Navigation system, heated leather, climate-control, rearview mirror, and 12-speakers.

The 4WD Ranger 2 and Ranger 2S have been discontinued.

Ford has launched a new version of Ranger, the Ranger S, which is available now from December, 2017.