How to get rid of the dreaded phone case

You probably already know that your iPhone has a protective case.Well, if you’re like me and your iPhone 4 has a case, you’ll need to get the new version of the Apple iPhone.If you’re just looking to swap out the case for something else, you’re out of luck.Luckily, it’s not a major deal and is […] →Read more

A new PC case for the XPS 13, including a custom CPU and GPU

The next generation of laptop PCs will likely use some form of custom hardware that’s built around a custom architecture.It’s a concept that’s already been tried with Intel’s Skylake CPUs, and Intel’s recently announced Skylake-X CPUs will use a custom design.The XPS line of laptops includes the X13 and X15, and the X12 is the […] →Read more

How to replace your laptop with a baseball-sized flashlight

This article originally appeared on to The Washington Post’s email newsletter to get the latest local news, events and trends delivered right to your inbox. →Read more

“The New Black” has the coolest shoes on the market

On Thursday, the New Black was the top selling sneaker of the week at the Foot Locker retail chain.The shoe hit the shelves on Friday morning and it didn’t disappoint.As we noted earlier this week, the shoe’s “Black” colorway has been a hit, but the Black/Blue colorway is arguably the most eye-catching.The sneaker’s “black leather” […] →Read more

Why Ford Ranger 2.0 is so special

In a world where cars are still a luxury, Ford has always had a strong presence in the luxury segment.The Ranger 2 is just one of many Ford vehicles that are more than capable of competing in the market.The Ford Ranger 1.5 was designed with an upscale and unique styling that is well-suited for the […] →Read more

The Best Cool Car Accessories for 2016

In a market where a hot car may be more affordable than a budget one, you may be wondering what your next cool car accessory is.In our 2016 Cool Car Guide, we have compiled a list of the best cool car accessories for 2016.While there are many options out there, we wanted to highlight a […] →Read more